VLC Features

VLC Media Player includes every feature that you expect from a great quality media player. It’s easy to use, powerful and extremely fast. Once you follow the straightforward installation process, you can begin to use it on-the-go without needing to change any settings. Just insert or load your desired media and you’ll be ready to play it within seconds.

VLC can play everything you want with no codec packs needed to do so, so even if you aren’t tech-savvy you’ll still be able to use all that VLC Media Player has to offer.

VLC Media Player is an open source piece of software and is completely free of charge. It includes tons of features that you’ll only be able to get by using this software. There are too many to list individually but below we’ve included several of the reasons why you should consider using it rather than one of the alternatives.

Input Media

VLC Media Player has a huge variety of different supported input media – including CDs, DVDs, internet streams or even TV (from your installed TV card)! These days, audio and video come in many forms and it’s important that your media player can play all of them so you don’t miss out on anything! VLC accepts most inputs, much more than you’d be able to get from any other piece of software. If you haven’t already tried it, give it a go – it’s completely free of charge.


In some circumstances, you may need subtitles for the movies that you want to watch. This piece of software has support for many different subtitle formats – including Vobsub, CVD, DVB and Universal Subtitle Format (USF). This means that no matter what type your video uses, the VLC Media Player should have support for it and will let you watch it with the subtitles included. You don’t need to worry about having to change lots of settings to make it work either! Simply open the video or movie and in the menu, the DVD should give you the option to enable subtitles. You don’t have to make any edits to the software at all, it should all work just by enabling it in the DVD itself.


With VLC Media Player, you can customize the look to suit your preferences. There are a huge amount of different skins that you can download and install, all of which will change the look of the player itself. The software is very powerful on this front – so whether you prefer the sleek default theme of the player or want the menu buttons to be on the right of the screen, you’ll find a skin to give you exactly as you’re looking for. VLC Media Player is one of the most popular media players around to date and for good reason – make use of the great community surrounding it and look through the wide variety of skins to download.

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