Streaming using VLC Player

VLC Media Player is one of the best multimedia players available on the web. In addition to supporting diverse multimedia formats, it is also equipped with an in-built video streaming server. Prominent streaming features include:

Streaming Server

VLC Media Player can perform the role of a stream server as opposed to a media player, thereby offering several advanced features. These include on-demand videos, enhanced speed controls, on-the-fly transcoding, frame-by-frame support and much more. It is also capable of acting both as a client and server for multicast streaming in IPv6.

Ease of use

Download VLC Media Player, Then you need to click on Wizard’ from the file menu and ensure that the ‘stream to network’ button is not unchecked. Subsequently, you need to create a new stream or an existing one. The video streaming source can be a DVD, normal file, camcorder, TV tuner card or any video-producing device.

Audio and Video Protocols

VLC Media Player supports multiple streaming protocols including HTTP, UDP, RTP, MMS and RTSP. Audio formats supported by VLC Player include AC3, AAC, DV Audio, MP3, FLAC, Speex and Vorbis, among others. In addition, it is compatible with a range of video formats such as H.263/H.264, MJPEG, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MPEG-4 Part 2, VP5, DV and Theora.

Stream Multimedia Content From Remote Computer

VLC can stream a playlist to any other computer in your network. You need to ensure that the media player is installed on the remote computer. Run VLC Media Player, choose “file” and select the Open File or Disc option. Choose “Browse” and select the file you plan to stream. Then, check “Stream/ Save” – “Settings” and follow the on screen instructions. Click “OK” to begin the stream. Now, go to the remote computer and install VLC. Click on “File” and select “Open Network Stream.”

In case you wish to stream multiple items, just stream the first one and open up the playlist editor of VLC from your computer. You can then browse to add any number of files. You can also press Cntrl+Shift to select multiple files.

Remote Control via browser

You can control VLC Media Player remotely via an internet browser. Go to the streaming computer and choose Settings, Add Interface and Web Interface.

Subsequently, type the streaming computer’s address followed by port numbers :8080 into the address bar of the browser.

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