VLC Media Player High quality no price

VLC or VideoLan Media player is free but that does not mean there is any sacrifice in the quality that it offers. With a huge selection of codec’s built into the software and support on operating systems such as Windows, OSX, Ubuntu and more the versatility in unmatched. Need help with VLC check out the many related posts on our site of head on over to to get more in depth help as well as forums and latest releases.


With it being so customizable the plain interface can be turned into a very usable and visually pleasing application. There are currently many different players on the internet that claim to be capable of being able to handle all the new standards in video formats out there but their claims fall short due to cost and compatibility with older formats and systems on which they would run on. I and many others have seen firsthand the VLC can run on almost any operating system, even dating back a couple of years.

Android Support

Mobile video is becoming more and more popular by the day and with the huge onset of tablets this may cause issues for people looking for a free and dependable entertainment solution. VLC is now support Android device so you can use this player on your mobile device.

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